Community engagement begins with partnering with families to bolster their leadership skills so that their voices and actions are at the forefront of the development and implementation of our advocacy strategies.

Our engagement with residents and organization focuses on the translation of programmatic work into resident informed policy recommendations that create a healthy, equitable and thriving community for all.


Empowered Parents Informed Educators

Parent Partners: We provide tailored training and workshops for parents so that they are better equipped to support their child’s education and with speaking directly to school personnel, school board members and district lead staff about their ideas and the changes they seek to foster academic success and a healthy school environment for all students.

Leadership Development: Provide training and strategic support for resident leadership and advocacy within Richmond. This asset-based approach is grounded in the fact that, in spite of myriad challenges residents in Central Richmond face, they remain largely untapped resources when it comes to addressing community issues, and it centers their leadership in developing and enacting solutions.

The African-American Community Engagement Program: Aims to increase community involvement, civic engagement, and voter registration amongst Richmond’s black residents, with a focus on parents, to improve the quality of life in the areas of education, health, wellness, and access to technology.

We partner with Richmond families so that they may strengthen their ability to support their children, family and community.


Parents Empowered



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An informed parent or caregiver becomes empowered, and empowerment can lead to the best care for our children.

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Shakira Reynolds

Community Engagement & Advocacy Lead

“I am grateful for the resources that continue to show up to help me be a great parent.”