Health & Wellness Assistant Coordinator

Marisol Romero

Marisol started working at BBK as part of the African American Civic Engagement Team in 2016. As a team member, Marisol canvassed and supported the residents in the Iron Triangle to register and vote for the 2016 Presidential Elections. Marisol now works as co-facilitator of the BBK’s Girl’s Coding and Stem Club. During her time at BBK, she has learned a lot about children, including the importance of raising children with love, joy, and support; it is these elements that help develop children into self-sufficient adults.

Marisol Romero Frias was born in San Francisco CA, and has lived in San Pablo since 2005. She graduated from Gateway to College and is currently taking general education courses to transfer to a University. Marisol enjoys going to Mexico, listening to music and hanging out with friends and family.