Programming that Matters

Our programs connect the power of parents and caregivers to unearth their genius and those of their children so that we build healthy communities that are strong and connected.

Health & Wellness: supports parents and caregivers in recognizing and addressing the systemic and environmental causes of personal and community trauma

Leadership Development: equips parents and primary caregivers with the skills, network and support to advance in their careers, promote community ownership and create social change that affects families, communities, education and health systems

Parent-Led Advocacy: builds power among parents through the exposure of opportunities in becoming active voices and influencers of the education and health systems


Building Blocks for Kids (BBK) amplifies the voices of parents/caregivers of color and partners with them to advance equitable access and opportunities for all youth to have quality education and all families to achieve emotional and physical well-being. We realize our goals through healing centered care, leadership development, and parent-led advocacy.


Building Blocks for Kids (BBK) envisions empowered communities that are wellness-centered and have equitable access to high-quality education, where healthy families blossom to realize their dreams and full potential.

Theory of Change

By providing healing centered care, leadership development, and activating inclusive parent-led advocacy, we support the personal and collective transformation of parents and caregivers as they reclaim their power. Furthermore, we seek the transformation of education and health systems, so that all youth achieve success and all families experience positive emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Our Values

BBK amplifies the voices of parents/caregivers with these core values at the heart of everything we do:

Love: Love is our guiding force. We are bold, courageous, and fierce advocates of positive change. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy and nurturing environment where families thrive.

Innovation: We are risk takers, reflective and experimental; challenging the norms to ensure we meet the needs of parents/caregivers of color

Leadership: We acknowledge personal experience, goals and perspectives to create a community of leaders that is inclusive of community expertise and wisdom, identifies needed resources and assets, and connects parents/caregivers of color to growth-promoting opportunities and experiences. 

Equity: We bridge the opportunity and disparity gaps to identify needs and equip parents/caregivers of color with the skills, resources and opportunities to advocate for equitable changes in educational and healing centered care systems. 

Rooted in Community: We invest in our community because we are of the community.  We listen to and are informed by parents/caregivers of color to work in partnership to activate our strategies.

Accountability: We deliver our best in all that we do and hold ourselves accountable for results.

We are proud of the Impact we have in our Community

We recognize that every interaction we have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on our community

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

We partner with families to improve health and successful development for a thriving community.

  • Family Engagement
  • Goal Setting Classes
  • Peer Support Sanctuary Groups
Community Engagement & Advocacy

Community Engagement & Advocacy

We partner with families to support community empowerment and power

  • Community Educational Leadership Institute (CELI)
  • Career Pathways and Community Ownership
  • Civic & Community Engagement learning Sessions
  • Advocacy Campaign Development

Join us in making a difference in the Richmond/West Contra Costa County community

BBK  currently hiring  for Community-Based Doula Program Manager