CELI (Community Educational Leadership Institute)

Participants who complete CELI will provide a voice and perspective from communities whose views and opinions are often underrepresented.

BBK’s Community Educational Leadership Institute (CELI) partners with parents and advocates from low-income and communities of color to become the drivers and innovators who further advance education and health equity for everyone.


Applications:  CELI’s next cohort and community sessions will restart in 2021. Please stay posted to our social media and websites for updates. 


What is CELI?

The Leadership Institute is designed to provide participants with the following: 

  • Support in identifying, applying and running for open seats on local and regional youth development, education and health-related committees, boards, and commissions,
  • Deep knowledge and integrated perspective on how systemic inequities impact education, health, and wellness, especially for low-income residents and communities of color in West Contra Costa County
  • Effective communication skills, including how to negotiate, persuade, and build and maintain strategic alliances,
  • Tools and techniques to effectively serve on a committee, board, or commission and support throughout a member’s tenure.

Who should apply to the Leadership Institute?

  • Parents/advocates and youth 16 and over who are:
    • currently serving on a committee, commission, or board,
    • planning to seek a seat in the near future on a committee, commission or board to advance equity in education, health, and wellness,
    • experienced in advocating for education and health equity issues,
    • interested in createing strong relationships with community organizations, decision-makers, and/or public officials,
    • knowledgeable about local/regional policies, programs and practices impacting education and health

Benefits of becoming a CELI Fellow?

  • Increase your confidence, strengths, and abilities to take action and influence change on a local board, committee, or commission,
  • Join a network of community leaders who are committed to improving education, health, and wellness for youth and families
  • Participate in a facilitated learning community of education, health and wellness field of experts, trainers, and advocates.

CELI Time Commitment

  • Fellows attend eight sessions that include training and skills development, interaction with guest speakers, and hands-on application of concepts for 60 hours of structured training.
  • Outside of class, participants are expected to complete reading assignments and participate in other types of homework. Preparation for meetings is estimated at 4-6 hours for the entire training program.
  • Graduates of CELI are expected to contribute to BBK as program ambassadors. For example, CELI graduates will be asked to meet periodically to learn about new issues and provide insight for new fellows.  

Interested in Finding out More?

If you are interested in finding out more about the Community Educational Leadership Program, please check out our FAQ HERE or contact Teresa L. Jenkins, Administrative Data & Evaluations Coordinator at Building Blocks for Kids at  or 510 232-5812 ext 405.