BBK is motivated to change the wellness culture in Richmond/West Contra Costa County! We partner with parents, caregivers and community members to foster healthy habits and mindsets to create, advocate for, and advance healing centered care and a resilient community.

We aim to break mental health stigmas, encourage individuals and families to seek out /create local community support systems and to address the systemic and environmental causes of personal and community trauma.

Program development:
We develop programs practicing principles of both holistic healing and equity-centered human design approach.

Health and Wellness works to impact Richmond and West Contra Costa County on three levels: self (self and family), locally (boards and committees) and regionally (policy).

Read BBK’s report Navigating Towards Emotional Well-being. This report describes what was learned from listening to community members about emotional well-being through focus groups, interviews, and electronic surveys.


We support families on their journey to self-care, family quality time, and parenting education!

Family Engagement Nights: These fun, free, monthly events are for children, parents, and caregivers. Our goal is to provide safe, enriching spaces for families to spend time together, promote healthy childhood development, and connect with helpful community partners and resources. Each month we feature a different partner who shares information about their services and hosts different crafts, activities and games for participating families.

Women’s Sanctuary: Through our Sanctuary groups we educate, support healing, offer mothers the opportunity to share information, build community and work with moms to develop accessible approaches to maintaining their mental health and that of their families and community. A welcome residual of this work with mothers is that they are also able to attain personal and collective power in a peaceful and stable environment.

Health & Wellness Summer Program: A free seven-week program that provides community directed and evidence-based health programming in Richmond. The focus of the project is to ensure that the children in the neighborhood have access to at least one healthy meal per day, that family members have access to health promoting fitness activities that they can do individually or together as a family and connect with helpful community partners and resources.

We partner with Richmond/West Contra Costa County families so that they may strengthen their ability to support their children, family and community.


Sanctuary Group Sessions facilitated



Parenting Class Graduates in 2019



Individuals participated in positive social and emotional development summer playgroups

“I am grateful for the resources that continue to show up to help me be a great parent.”

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Health & Wellness


Maria Lupita Villabos

Health and Wellness Team Member

Marisol Romero

Health & Wellness Assistant Coordinator

LaFrieda Attaway

Health and Wellness Team Member

Brenda Romero

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” J. Stanford

Collaborative Partners

We do this work with the support of our amazing community partners that believe in our focus and our families personal goals