African American Community Engagement

African American Community Engagement

The African-American Community Engagement Program aims to increase community involvement, civic engagement, and voter registration amongst Richmond’s black residents, with a focus on parents, to improve the quality of life in the areas of education, health, wellness, and access to technology.

  • country
    United States
  • African Americans that reside in the Iron Triangle
    Over 60%
  • Population of Iron Triangle children and youth
    Over 40%
  • Public Schools zoned in Iron Triangle
    $ 7

African-Americans have been at the forefront of a growing national movement to raise public awareness around various issues, including but not limited to, education, health, law enforcement, affordable housing, closing the digital divide and economic development. *In 2016, California Calls and key funding partners officially launched the African American Civic Engagement Project to respond to various issues with an approach grounded in grassroots organizing linked to electoral participation. This project brings together 12 dynamic grassroots organizations, including BBK, to expand civic engagement, and support a new wave of movement building in black communities across California. Currently, there are over 18,000 black residents in the city of Richmond and California is home to the 5th largest black population in the country. There are no bounds to what a healthy, well-educated and mobilized community can accomplish!