Community Engagement & Advocacy

Community Engagement & Advocacy

The Community Engagement and Advocacy supports leadership skill development among families and adult residents, developing and implementing advocacy strategies that are informed by residents and, engaging residents and organizations in the translation of programmatic work into policy recommendations and creating opportunities for residents to become civically engaged.

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    Richmond Parents
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    Parent Power
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Parent Partners: The Parent Partner models the skills necessary to maneuver within the systems care providers are most likely to encounter. Thus, serving as a system guide and advocate for the family and as a supportive peer for primary care providers. Parents/caregivers have skilled, well-trained mentors and coaches—from their own community—who diligently connect them to information and resources, train them to become community advocates, and help them resolve challenges as they arise.

Leadership Development: Provide training and strategic support for resident leadership and advocacy within Richmond. This asset-based approach is grounded in the fact that, in spite of myriad challenges residents in Central Richmond face, they remain largely untapped resources when it comes to addressing community issues, and it centers their leadership in developing and enacting solutions.

Empowered Parents Informed Educators: Building upon the success of our parent engagement work, whose aim is to connect directly residents with community resources, BBK enhanced our parent engagement and advocacy work through Empowered Parents, Informed Educators (EPIE). Thus far, EPIE has been a useful venue for connecting parents and primary caregivers to decision-makers within the education system. BBK Collaborative has scaled up this component of our advocacy work by hosting several convenings throughout the year where we provide tailored training for parents so that they are better equipped and supported in speaking directly to school board and district lead staff about changes they seek in their children’s schools.